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Cool Posters: “Red Beard”


My home is populated with a few large posters (Clerks, M, a still of Anita Ekberg from La Dolce Vita) and a revolving door of smaller posters that take up wall-space in various rooms.  Generally I love finding posters that are not like the theatrical displays, which are the designs everyone has seen hundred of times in the cinema, on TV, and online.  I go for artwork, something that looks like an artist drew and painted and is unique looking or an image from the film that encapsulates the mood of the movie perfectly, not an image of the two or three main leads standing back-to-back, or headshots of the main

As cool as the movie is, this poster would never hang on my wall

cast.  That’s boring to me.  It’s all well and good for marketing, but I want something with a little more class.

In searching for new cool posters I’ve found that one thing stands out in truly unique artwork: they’re mostly foreign.  Take a look at that Cuban version of Kurosawa’s Red Beard at the top of the page, it’s so different and cool looking, using the color red in a way that the film is unable to convey in black & white.  It’s simple and I love it. Believe me, that one will adorn my wall very soon.  I also love the idea that this poster was hung in whatever Cuban movie theater when this film was released there as opposed to the generic English-language version, or even the version in its native Japanese language which is also pretty mundane.

So, from now on I’d like to periodically point out a cool movie poster that has caught my eye and could possibly end up on my wall.  Hopefully some of you will enjoy this and share some pics of cool posters you all have found.

I’ll end this with another pic of a cool poster that really spells out the feeling conveyed in the film with a simple image, and manages to do so without covering two-thirds of the poster with the star’s face.



“A Fistful of Dollars”, Japanese style

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