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I’d Like To Think….Suppositions of a Film Writer

I’m starting a new segment that was inspired by a tweet of my own while watching Howard Hawks’ Scarface the other night.  As vain as self-inspiration may sound, I can assure you this was completely unintentional.  How many times have you watched a movie and had to make an assumption, or a had moment where you made up a tiny bit of backstory just to make the story more interesting in your own mind?  Well, this moment happened to me at least twice in the last few days and I plan to unleash my suppositions on the world as I see fit.

The first: I’d like to think the hip-hop song from Nas, “The World is Yours”, was inspired by the original Scarface, and not Brian De Palma’s version.  I’m also making a slight confession here: I’ve actually never seen the remake in its entirety, only the first 30 mins and scattered parts throughout.  Aside from that, the phrase “The World is Yours” figures very prominently into the story of the second-fiddle gangster, brilliantly played by Paul Muni, who has ideas of taking over all liquor rackets in the city.  He’s a man who’s always on the offensive, in business and in personal matters, and the phrase fits him to a T.  He embodies the philosophy that the world is yours for the taking if you’re strong enough and willing to do what it takes.  So, for my money, I’d prefer to think of Nas as a traditionalist who enjoyed Mr. Hawks’ vision, though highly unlikely considering hip-hop’s ties to De Palma’s glorified version.

The second:  In watching Part 1 of Sergei Eisenstein’s 2 part Ivan the Terrible, there’s a scene where the not-so-devoted underlings believe the Tsar, Ivan, has passed away from illness and begin denouncing his revolutionary ideas, refusing to swear allegiance to Ivan’s son (the supposed heir) and casting their loyalty to the old boyar system of power.  Having been given the holy sacrament of last rites and appearing deceased on the floor, Ivan is assumed dead and the disloyal herd are relieved that things can go back to the way they were.  Suddenly, wouldn’t you know it, Ivan appears alive saying the final sacrament has rejuvenated his physical condition and he remains the sole ruler of the Russian nation.  Now….I’d like to think Ivan was faking it the whole time.  Let me tell you why, dear friends.  Because only after his right hand man is the sole person to pledge his service to the son of the Tsar does he appear alive.  Until that moment, he showed no signs of life, thus allowing his two-faced followers to show their true colors.  So I’d like to think he faked his own death just to find out who was really loyal to him and his cause of uniting a shattered Russian country.

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