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A Dirty Little Secret: What is YOUR movie?

Everybody has a movie that’s quintessentially their own.  Not that everyone has made a film, but rather a film that rings a personal bell in their brain.  Take for instance, example A: http://tdylf.com/2011/07/24/the-movies-we-love-hot-fuzz/.  The gentleman writer at The Droid You’re Looking For has laid out his reasons why he loves Hot Fuzz, and on a side note, I concur.  It’s not that Hot Fuzz is his favorite movie of all time (that honor goes to Malle’s The Fire Within), but it’s a film that reverberates in his mind and teases out the enjoyment so much so that he can watch it multiple time without diminishing returns.  Is it the most critically acclaimed film? No, although it garnered well above average reviews.  So, basically, Hot Fuzz could be his favorite HIS movie.

Let me explain a bit more.  YOUR film is the one you can put in anytime and enjoy the hell out of it regardless of the number of times you’ve seen it.  What I find most enjoyable about knowing what someone’s own film is the randomness of the title.  I have a friend who watches Harold and Kumar 2: Escape from Guantanamo Bay with disturbing regularity.  But that’s just one of HIS movies.  It’s random, it raises an eyebrow, and that’s beautiful.  I love that stuff.  It’s not necessarily his favorite movie of all time, but it’s one he derives constant enjoyment from.  I had a female friend back in the day who could watch Heathers at any time.  Probably a teenage phase, but that film would speak to a teenagers mind and feel like THEIR own film.

The internet is overpopulated with favorite films lists, and very rarely do these lists include that film of which I’ve been speaking.  People say The Godfather, Citizen Kane, Taxi Driver, Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz.  I’ve historically stated my fave to be L.A. Confidential, but these aren’t usually titles you pop in on a rainy Saturday night and just relax and enjoy.  Most of those films are mind-waking pieces of art that make you think and blow your mind, leaving you viscerally wounded or emotionally exhausted.  And that’s a great thing too, but that’s a different kind of flick.  I used to fall asleep with Stripes playing from my VCR as part of my routine, so much so that I believe I subconsciously learned how to play the theme song despite no classical music training. Now, Stripes is a beloved film, but how many top 10 lists has it appeared on?  A minute amount I’m sure.  Well, I’m going to try to rectify these things.

Appearing here will be a list of my personal favorite MY films, the ones I always feel like watching, regardless of their critical or social pedigree.

10.  Oscar

Sly Stallone in a slapstick, 1920’s era gangster flick.  His character’s name is “Snaps” Provolone….sold yet?

9.  That Thing You Do

The music and the era, the 1960’s, make this one just damn fun to watch.  Tom Hanks directs.

8.  Mallrats

My introduction to Kevin Smith, and Jason Lee rules this thing.

7.  Rocky IV

Childhood fave that still kicks so much ass.  Best training montages ever, thanks to Survivor.

6.  The Illusionist

Victorian era drama starring Edward Norton as Eisenheim “The Illusionist”.  Paul Giamatti kinda rules here too.

5.  Hot Fuzz

For every reason laid out by the fellow mentioned above.

4.  National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1

Constant buddy-cop movie rip-offs, Emelio Estevez when he was still starring in films and a young Samuel L. Jackson.  Tim Curry’s second flick on the list.

3.  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Most people grew tired of the Ace schtick, not me.  Never dull or out of date to me.

2.  The Hunted

Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro, the best 3-name guys in the biz hunting down one another.  Riveting every viewing.  William Friedkin brings it.

1.  Brick

Rian Johnson’s debut, a film-noir homage starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the student detective.  Brilliant mood in this flick and dialogue that amazes every time.

Honorable mentions: Evil Dead 2, Forgetting Sarah Marshall,  Summer School, Three O’Clock High, Get Shorty, 10 Things I Hate About You, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Grosse Point Blank.

To most people, that is one weird list of movies, but to me that looks like the most fun film-fest I could ever imagine.  Look at that list!!  OK, sorry, I get carried away.  But in all seriousness, that list could satisfy me for an entire weekend, provided I have a stocked fridge and a functioning bathroom.

Come on, people.  Leave a comment.  What flick or flicks is/are your own little embarrassing secret that you can’t get enough of?

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