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Favorite Film Decade?

I’ve been a movie watching machine lately, an absolute amalgam of domestic/foreign, old/new, and all different genres.  Most recently watched was Brian DePalma’s Sisters, one of his early features from 1973, before the DePalma most people know, Scarface.  Usually that time period causes apprehension for me, and it doesn’t really make any logical sense.  Some of the greatest films ever were made in the 1970’s (The Godfather I and II, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, Chinatown, Jaws).  I think it’s the fashion and hair and all, I almost have a hard time believing our society collectively bought into some of those looks.  Plus, the films all seem to have a grainy, gritty look to them.  Apparently there were no defined edges in the 1970’s, like the world was a dark, rotting shit-hole and out of focus.  Given the drug use and the sexual diseases created in this decade, I guess maybe that’s an accurate description of the era.  It just doesn’t get me excited to watch a 70’s movie like it should.  Some people love the look, and it does work for some films (see: Taxi Driver), but it doesn’t get my heart racing.

So, what does get my goat?  I’d have to say the 1950’s never fails to produce a truly cinematic feel while delivering some of the greatest films you’ll ever see (Vertigo, The Seven Samurai, Tokyo Story, The Searchers, Rashomon, Touch of Evil, Some Like it Hot) *note: all those films are in the top 25 out of 1000 on my list from www.theyshootpictures.com.

Enough about my opinion, what’s yours??  Vote below!

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  1. August 2, 2011 at 1:36 am

    I went with the ’70s because it produced so many of my favorites, but throw “On The Waterfront” into your case for the ’50s.

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