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First Viewing: Rocky Horror Picture Show

I’m not totally sure what came over me that made me decide to watch this flick.  It’s a first time watch, but if you read about film you’re undoubtedly going to hear about “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  So the idea of the movie was planted in my head over time, but I never really had an inclination to see it. It’s more of a cult thing, not generally considered a “must-see” for film enthusiasts.  I like to watch important films, genre-bending films, influential films, provided they’re good films of course.  I think “Rocky Horror Picture Show” falls into all those categories.

I’m going to blame my woman for my sudden urge and subsequent viewing.  She loves showtunes and she listens to them all the time.  Lately it’s been “Mama Mia!” and “Hairspray”.  Then I heard her play one song that I didn’t recognize, and she told me it’s from “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  The song was “Dammit, Janet” and I loved it right away.  Thus began my rapid interest in the film.  And thank God for Netflix instant to quell my burning desire to see it.  I had a cocktail in hand and said “Let’s do this”.

The funny thing about this movie is no matter how weird it is, it can’t be any weirder than your anticipatory idea of it.  It’s a horror-sci/fi-comedy-camp-spoof-musical with transvestites, laser guns, and Meatloaf.  It’s undoubtedly weird, most of the time just for the sake of being weird, and to whip up some pretty bad-ass songs.  I dug it, there really isn’t a weak song in the bunch and they’re all rock-infused, up-tempo numbers.  The soundtrack is a must-purchase for me and I can’t wait to listen to some of the songs again.

To state this for the record: Tim Curry rules.  He should get an Oscar for “Best Scene Stealer – Career”.  He just chews up roles like this.  Then again, part of me wants him to burn in hell for playing “Pennywise” and ruining my childhood, but I’ve since forgiven him for that.  I’d say “I can’t believe this guy wasn’t a super-duper star after this movie”, because dressing like a tranny, wearing face paint, and groping all over a mostly naked man isn’t exactly your typical Oscar-bait, “Rain Man” kind of role.  The other stars, Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon, just don’t stand a chance on screen next to him.  But it’s drawn up that way.  Those two are so “gee golly” straight-laced as a contrast to Tim Curry’s in-your-face force-of-nature Dr. Frank-N-Furter.  Yup, you read that right.

There’s no point in going into the plot, seeing as the purpose of the movie isn’t really to tell a story.  The purpose of the movie is to rock and have a great time.  Success.

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